Ulnar Nerve Mobilization​ ​The ulnar is the most exposed of all nerves and ranks second only to the median nerve (carpal tunnel syndrome) as an arm and hand pain generator. Irritation of the ulnar nerve can present as tingling, pain and numbness in the pinky and ring fingers sometimes in a shocking way as the flexed elbow strikes an object compressing it against bone. 

The 42 lb Head “For every inch of Forward Head Posture, it can increase the weight of the head on the spine by an additional 10 pounds.” -Kapandji, Physiology of Joints, Vol. 3

Whiplash Although estimates vary, several sources cite nearly 2 million new cases of whiplash per year in the United States alone. That means that for each massage therapist in this country, there are up to eight new cases of whiplash every year.

Frozen Shoulder In order to get the mobility the shoulder needs, the boney socket of the shoulder joint (the glenohumeral fossa) is quite shallow. Instead of relying on a deep socket like the acetabulum of the hip, the shoulder gets stability from the soft tissues around the joint—the joint capsule and ligaments, as well as the muscles of the rotator cuff. These soft- tissue structures allow the necessary balance of stability and movement, yet are vulnerable to injuries and strain, which can cause these structures to restrict movement instead of allowing and supporting it.


Chairs As A Movement Tool ​Chairs have been with us for a long time. First they were only for nobles and royalty, but gradually chairs have become more and more common. In the 19th century, with trains and coaches, sitting became more common, but it is really in the 20th century that we could say we have an ‘inactivity crisis’.

Spin Class In this interview with Tom Myers a LMT ask questions to help with a client that went overboard on her spin class resulting in her pelvic cradle to be almost useless. 


IT Band Friction Syndrome ​If you've ever been running or hiking downhill and experienced a nagging pain on the side of your knee, there is a good chance you were feeling iliotibial band (ITB) friction syndrome.

Piriformis Syndrome The sciatic nerve, formed by nerve roots from the lumbar and sacral plexuses, is the largest nerve in the body. It passes through a number of small spaces as it makes its way from the lumbopelvic region down the lower extremity. Along the way there are several sites at which sciatic nerve compression can occur. Nerve compression in any of these locations can produce symptoms identical to those of a herniated lumbar disc.