Advanced Neck and Upper Back (12 Hour Class $200) 

Assessment,Theory, Corrections, and at home training. This Syndrome is what we see in everyday society now with the forward head posture, Kyphosis (Hunchback.) This Leads to a variety of upper back, shoulder and neck issues. ​(July 22nd/23rd 2017)



Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  


Breathing Problems              

Neck Cricks                            

Nerve Pinches                      

Rib Pain  

Frozen Shoulder

Trigger Fingers

Carpal Tunnel

Golfers Elbow

Tennis Elbow

Rotator Cuff Injury

Nerve Pinches                               

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Advanced Lower Body (12 Hour Class $200)

 Assessment, Theory, Corrections, and at home training to help correct this faulty posture. This syndrome includes Lordosis (Swayback) Anteriorly tilted Pelvis, Short leg, and Weak glutes. This turn can lead to a variety of joint dysfunctions, Low back pain, and compensations which will disturb the walking cycle. (October 21st/22nd 2017)


Glute Activation                          

SI Joint Correction                 

Hip Capsule   

Pelvic Balancing                    

Short Leg   

Sacroiliac Torsion                

Anteriorly Tilted Pelvis

Psoas Work                              

Sacral Base Decompress 

Plantar Fascitis
Rectus Femoris Release
Hamstring Release
Calf Release
Joint Manipulations in Feet
Knee Techniques
TFL Release  

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Thai Massage (12 Hours $200)

Thai Massage is a style of massage that combines acupressure, assisted yoga postures, and ayurvedi. It originated in Buddhist monasteries as a form of preventive health care for monks.     I lived in Thailand teaching Thai Massage and other modalities to an array of foreign students. This class includes rhythmic and static pressure, stretching, and learning energy lines and their relation to the body.  

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Thai Reflexology(6 Hours $100)

   Reflexology foot massage as practiced in Thailand is an ancient therapeutic procedure that has become popular today.  Originally the knowledge and techniques were closely held secrets kept alive and passed down through generations by the Buddhist monks of the Thai Royal Palace. Thai foot reflexology is a marriage between the ancient healing arts of Reflexology, Chinese Tuina, Japanese Shiatsu and Indian Ayurvedi yoga. (August 19th 2017 )

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**Certificate Received after completing course** 

**Tutoring/CE Class  For those not able to make the workshop dates, individual classes are available. Call for pricing.

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